Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to address envelopes?

The normal turnaround time for an order of approximately 100 envelopes is 10 to 14 days. The turnaround time for escort and seating cards is 7 days. It rarely takes longer than that but it is a very good idea to make a reservation for your time so that there are no delays. If you are in a rush, please inquire about availability.

What do you charge?

Please see our pricing information page for basic information. I am always happy to discuss pricing for custom orders either via email or phone 617-327-6041.

What lettering styles do you offer?

There are 30 lettering styles­ on my site created over the years to enhance almost every invitation. Since all work is done by hand, the styles are created to complement the invitation, not to exactly copy it. The warmth and personal touch of hand calligraphy will add a special elegance to your envelopes. I am happy to create a style for you if you desire something different. Any styles created for you are provided as 2-3 samples before working on your order. These samples are available for $15. Please allow a day or two of extra time for this.

Do you work on a computer?

While I find my computer to be an excellent help in working on layouts, communicating with people and finding inspiration, my lettering is completely done by hand. Your order receives my individual attention, one letter at a time. I hand mix inks to match colors as closely as possible and use Sumi archival ink for work done in black.

Is there an extra charge for lined envelopes? Dark envelopes? Shiny paper? Colored inks?

I do not add a fee for lined envelopes, dark envelopes or shiny paper.  There is a $30 fee for hand-mixing colors other than black.

How do I reserve your time?  Where do I start?

I’m thrilled that you’re interested in working with me!  As you can imagine, since all work is done by hand it is very time consuming. To be sure that I can complete your work on your timeline, please complete a reservation form. I will be in contact with you to confirm my availability. If you want to discuss the particulars ahead of time, please email me directly

 What format do you need for my list?

Lists should be emailed (or included with envelopes either shipped or in person) and be in “label” format –

outer envelope

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
1234 Maple Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

inner envelope

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

If you have an inner envelope, the information can be in a second column. The typical inner envelope is done as above, with no first name. Many people choose to be more informal on the inner envelope (Grandma and Grandpa, for example). I will collate the inner and outer envelopes for you and return the completed envelopes in the same order that you have provided on your list.

Abbreviations will all be written out, so you can use “St. Ave. MA,” etc. on your list and know they will be spelled out on the envelopes. The only exception to this is the word Apartment. If you want it written out, it will require an additional line and would incur a $1 additional fee. However, if you choose to add it on the address line, it can be done like this, which is perfectly acceptable etiquette:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
1234 Maple Street • 407
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Spreadsheets are not acceptable since it is very easy to make mistakes reading across a long line of text.

How about additions?

Additions that are sent in the same format before the order is complete are added in at no additional charge. Additions that come in after the order is complete will incur a $10 set up charge. It is best to batch these so the charge is only incurred once.

Do you need extra envelopes?

Yes!  I would like to have 15-20% more envelopes than the number on your guest list. I try not to make errors but since both you and I are human, errors can happen. Any mistakes that are my errors I make an effort to redo within 24 hours at no additional charge. Any errors you find that were a result of typos or guest moves on your part will be redone within 2-4 days and will be charged at the regular rate.

Do you do custom work?

Yes! I am always thrilled to create wedding vows, poems, awards and citations, diplomas, calligraphy coupled with hand-painted borders and botanicals. Please ask!! You’ll see samples of some of these on this site as well as on Pinterest and Instagram.

FAQs Sheet (PDF)