Why Calligraphy?

In an age when it seems that all our communication is done on our devices – emailing, tweeting, texting, Facebook, Instagram … I still love writing by hand.  I am not saying I don’t use these shortcuts – they are quick and efficient – but for a really significant message, they fall short.  

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life – a very personal statement to each other and to your family and friends of a commitment to be there, through it all, for a very long time.   It seems important that a lot of thought and time go into sharing with your guests that this day – your day – is worth major attention. 

 I will bet you enjoy seeing something beautifully hand-addressed arrive in the mail, peeking out from the catalogs, ads, and bills?  Don’t you always open it first? You notice it, anticipate opening it, knowing it is more important than the rest of the mail.  Your wedding invitation is that moment for your guests.  

I feel very honored to create beautiful lettering for memorable occasions like yours.    

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