Looking for Spring

It’s moving in on mid March and our Friday storm in Boston that landed almost 2 feet of snow on our surprised doorstep is melting fast. I’m busily lettering envelopes for late Spring and early Summer weddings, looking forward to the warm days ahead. I’m thinking flowers! One of the new and exciting options I have available to add to my calligraphy is beautiful floral decoration. I work with an amazing designer who helps me to create a look for the entrance to your reception that will thrill your guests — and their escort card becomes a gift!   Here are some examples — they are just the beginning. Our creativity and your imagination can make all colors and types of floral decoration possible!

colorful placecards                Meghans place card            pink placecard




Jan Boyd Calligraphy Blog

Welcome to the JAN BOYD CALLIGRAPHY BLOG. It’s been a long time coming — It’s not so much that I haven’t wanted to write one before now, it’s just a leap of faith that I might have something to say that you’ll find interesting and valuable. I’m guessing you’ll let me know . 🙂

So – how does one go about choosing a calligrapher to address wedding envelopes?

Experience is important, for several reasons. If you’re leaving your valuable wedding envelopes with someone you’ll want to ask:

  • Do you have a website?
  • Are you well versed on Wedding Etiquette?
  • How many lettering styles are available to choose from?
  • Can you create other styles or combine them?
  • Can I see samples?
  • Can I trust that my order will be done in the agreed upon timeframe?
  • Is proofing the order before I get it back part of the package?
  • What is the process if there are any errors?
  • What is the process if I have late additions?

A lot of these questions can be answered by carefully looking over the calligrapher’s website or, if there isn’t one, asking for samples to be sent to you. If you have any concerns at all about professionalism, ask for references of happy customers.

Pricing should be readily available– ideally on the website. While most professional calligrapher’s prices are comparable, you may find some “bargain” pricing. It’s not a good idea to choose completely on this basis. I can’t count the number of orders I’ve redone for frantic brides who chose to have “Aunt Suzy” who took a class, or the woman down the street who is offering her calligraphy at “half the price” do the work. I’m sure there are occasions where this works out just fine – but I wouldn’t count on it unless you ask lots of questions and see lots of samples.

Information about the process should also be readily available.

  • What is the normal turn-around time?
  • How should the list be prepared?
  • Are you readily available (via email or phone) to answer questions?
  • Will you check with me if you see something that looks unusual or incorrect?

Enjoy the process! An experienced calligrapher will have answers to your questions and will project a calm, organized and confident professionalism that will assure you that you will be taken care of. Your envelopes will be the first thing your guests will see heralding your wedding – you want them to be WOWED. You want YOU to be relaxed and confident that you’ve made the right choice! From fanciful and full of flourishes to tailored and centered, there are lots of amazing options and choices. It’ll be fun. …..Promise!!

Jan Boyd - Boston Wedding Calligrapher Art work by Boston calligrapher Jan Boyd